Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three more

This is my first baby quilt, made for Camden Hele. I had fun with scraps of fabric and flannel and was mostly pleased with the results. I am noticing that I am very conscious of my mistakes and am surprised when others don't notice them. I am trying hard not to point them out, and just accept the compliments graciously (tough to do when I don't feel I deserve them).
Hannah Kelly received this baby quilt soon after her birth. I enjoyed making the tulips and then figuring out how to put the blocks together in a way that suited me. Can you tell I was experimenting with making a scalloped border?
This is the last quilt I finished in 2010. It was a product of our quilting class where we learned many different techniques and made at least two of many different kinds of blocks. I used 30's fabric with an off white background and made some extra blocks so that it would be twin size instead of a lap quilt. I loved the class and was so grateful to Christine for teaching it.

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