Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Quilts

Here are three more quilts finished in 2014 - two for grandchildren going off to college and one for Kate and Chris. I also made three baby quilts, two are the same pattern as Michelle's quilt. And one is a whole cloth quilt that I practiced quilting on.

Here I am working at Christine Francis' house on sachet bags for the charity boutique she is planning.
  This is the 'whole cloth' practice baby quilt. I hand quilted around each of the red circles to practice quilting.

Seth's Quilt was made from homespun scraps and shirt tails from 3 of Grandpa's old shirts...everyone seems to like it.

Michelle's Quilt, with a totally different feel to it, was made of a variety of scraps in a simple pattern.

Farmer's Wife is from a book and pattern by Laurie Aaron Hird. I replaced some of her blocks with applique or pieced blocks that I preferred. Again this quilt, except for the sashing, was made from scraps. I really enjoyed making the blocks, both selecting the fabrics and sewing them together.