Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Quilts

Of course, these quilts were mostly done in 2012, but were finished this month ( two of them were). The Jacob's ladder is awaiting quilting, but since I had a picture of it, I decided to add it now.

The fabric for this quilt was selected and cut by Sue Tannyhill and part of our quilt group's ten inch block exchange. She gave the cut pieces to me and I took them to my granddaughter, Kalani Kelly, in Houston and showed her how to make the blocks. She completed all the blocks by hand and then sewed them together. I selected the batting and backing and had it machine quilted by Liz Minick and then I bound it with a bright turquoise. Didn't it turn out great for Kalani's first pieced top? I am really proud of her and grateful for Sue's sharing and Liz's good quilting.

Seeing how full my scrap bucket was getting, I designed and made this 'scrappy squares' quilt. I was delighted with how it turned out. It was easy to make and fun to select the fabrics and put them together.

This Jacob's ladder quilt was made based on a old quilt book from my mother. Two things I'll do differently if I make another one: make the basic blocks 3'' instead of 4 and use more mid-range colors instead of mostly lights and darks. This is another quilt made from the scrap bucket, which as you know never seems to get empty.