Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Two Quilts

It has come to my attention that I have failed to share pictures of the quilts I have been making so decided to try this method. As I finish quilts, I will post photos here, beginning with a couple of make up posts to catch up to the present.
This is the first quilt I made - triple Irish chain out of scraps that Geri sent me with some added yellows from Phyllis Schwartzlose and Janell Johns. I started this quilt in November of 2009 after two quilting classes. I had learned to 'nest' seams. I cut each square individually and put them together in 14" blocks using a photo of a quilt from the internet as my example. The Hele girls helped with laying out some of the blocks, choosing from the piles of green, blue, and yellow and following the pattern. The light center pieces were cut from a sheet that my mother-in-law had given me in about 1971 and reminds me of her sweet and generous spirit. I finished this in 2010. It was machine quilted by Wendy Knight. It is queen size and is now on our bed.
This is my second quilt. I started it in January 2010. It is made from hand dyed jellyrolls and scraps that Geri sent me. I had made two log cabin blocks for our quilting class, taught so wonderfully by Christine Francis, and thus felt confident to tackle this project. This is a simple pattern, but the beauty of the hand dyed fabric makes it a very beautiful quilt. I tried various backgrounds and Diane Grosbeck - one of the best visiting teachers ever - helped me decide to go with the black. I finished this in 2010 and it was also machine quilted by Wendy Knight. It now belongs to Ben and Bryn - as determined by a family lottery.


  1. gloria, i love these two! i cannot believe your triple irish chain! it is one of a kind. the second one is also . . . i remember when you brought it to quilt meeting. i was overawed. it is even better in person!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I am inspired by your quilts as you know.