Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2011 Three of Five Quilts

Using pieces of all the browns I had collected, mostly from Geri, and adding a few reds, blues, greens, etc. I made this king size quilt with help from the Hele girls. I used stair step sashing and a red floater for fun. The quilt now covers the Hele parents' bed. It is surprising to me that all the light tan prints look white in the picture. It was machine quilted by Andi Carlin.
Baby Jared's puzzle quilt. I saw a picture on the internet and used it as a model. I decided to put the 'missing pieces' in the border, hoping when he is older he'll have fun seeing where they go. I tied this quilt.
Julia Hamson and the Hele girls helped me with the houses and colors and design of this Paper Doll quilt. On the back is a pocket to hold the doll clothes, hats and other accessories. I put six dolls on the outside edges with 5 houses (2 big and a row of 3 townhouses) in the middle. It was great to design, a bit tedious to finish, and a real pleasure to see the girls play with. This was beautifully machine quilted in great detail by Nita Virgin.

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  1. the brown/tan is amazing. i loved your doll one in person. the puzzle one is a joy to behold. you are sooo talented . . . which is not news.