Thursday, October 18, 2012

Truly Twisted Nine Patch

Karen Lusby, soon to be Lewis, led this quilt group activity. All who wanted to participate made a total of 400 4" blocks, some light squares, some dark squares, some 1/2 square triangles of light and dark and some 1/4 square triangles of light and dark. We then divided these up into packets - one for each participant - of a designated number of each kind of square. Due to the large number of squares involved, we did 200 squares at a time and spread the distribution out over nearly a year. After the first distribution I was eager to see how the quilt was going to look and began putting the blocks together. Once started, I could not stop and here is the finished result - with smaller 1/2 square triangles as the border.  All of my squares were made from scraps as was the border, the back of the quilt, and the binding....truly scrappy.

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